Backwards in High Heels

Dancing backwards in high heels

This week BBC Radio 4 are broadcasting short stories about women ‘quietly outperforming the men in their lives’ to mark 100 years since the birth of Hollywood legend Ginger Rogers. A few blog posts ago I had a photo of Fred Astaire doing his stuff and I have to make a confession. For me, Fred was the one who always outshone his partner. But I never really thought about what Ginger had to do. And she did exactly what Fred did, only backwards. And in high heels. And a big frock. She has shot up in my estimation and so I wanted to pay tribute to her here.

How many other great women have been overlooked for doing it the hard way?

Go, Ginger.


2 thoughts on “Backwards in High Heels

  1. Ginger Rogers: One of my favourite Hollywood stars. I saw on a TV programme years ago that Fred was a perfectionist and made them do several takes of each dance. Apparently once they did so many takes that when Ginger took her white shoes off once Fred was satisfied, they were pink with blood. And she still managed to look serene in the take despite being in agony. I forget which film it was but I think (don’t quote me on this) it was the dance to “I’m in heaven”.

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