Songs about Books

Went to Exeter at the weekend where I spent hours in Top Man assisting my eldest in sorting his prom gear (whatever happened to school discos?). He went for a cool dinner jacket, skinny black trousers and almost-winkle-pickers. Much later, I listened to an old Kate Bush compilation and Wuthering Heights came on. This led to me thinking about other songs about books and writing. Having googled for some ideas I discovered there are many, many such lists. Kate Bush is on all of them, as you’d expect.

Here are some of my favourites:

1. Eurythmics Sex Crime (Nineteen Eighty Four)

Chose this because 1984 was such a cool year to be at school (and incidentally the year of my O levels and hence my own school disco/ball/prom thing).

2. Elvis Costello Everyday I Write the Book

Maybe not the most Elvis of Elvis songs but my favourite.

3. Kate Bush Wuthering Heights

Got to love that red dress, brought back to life recently by Noel Fielding.

4. The Smiths Cemetery Gates

Coolest of the cool

5. Muse The Small Print

Our hometown boys.

Just some random, slightly connected thoughts.


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