Victor the Vote Counter

Just been to vote and came back and switched on BBC2 where they were discussing the voting referendum. There is a cartoon explaining the voting systems on offer, for those who don’t understand them. It’s OK as far as public information films go, but doesn’t stand up to the classics of the 70s. Remember Charlie Says? Clunk Click Every Trip? The Green Cross Code? (My mum knew Dave Prowse in Bristol and said he had shocking bunions).

I’ve trawled Youtube for my favourites and have included Peter Kay’s brilliant piece on them. (They don’t make ’em like that anymore.) These films were genuinely scary, staying with you all your life. I still remember my Tufty Club Kerb Drill (and I still have my badge and book). And I always think once, think twice, think bike.    Charlie   Jimmy   Tufty  Dave Rolf   Peter

I want my kids to have these films.

They have Victor the Vote Counter.


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