Monday has arrived and we are all still here. The rapture that didn’t happen on Saturday (as predicted by Harold Camping of California) led me to think of a Blondie song. Then Sunday morning I heard her desert island discs. She has led a rock’s star life, survived the highs and the lows, and it is remarkable that she is still performing and doing what she does best. She has always been both cool and popular, a tricky and rare combination.   

Blondie’s music has been hard to define as it crosses over from punk to new wave to rock to disco. ‘Rapture’ perhaps isn’t typical Blondie (if indeed there is such a thing) as she actually raps. And the lyrics are weird. But I’ve been silently singing it all weekend, thanks to Harold.

As for the rapture-that-didn’t-happen I read an interesting piece in The Guardian on Saturday by the Rev Danielle Tumminio, an episcopal priest in Boston. She places more emphasis on Genesis 8:21 where God makes his promise to Noah to never again destroy every living creature. What do Harold Camping and his followers make of this?

From Deborah Harry to Noah.


2 thoughts on “Rapture

  1. God’s promise to Noah was never again to destroy every living thing by a flood. It think those last few words are crucial.

    I myself am struck by what Jesus said about the end of time. He said that no-one can know the day and hour- and that included himself. It seems inconsistent, to say the least, to argue that a Bible that contains those words can also contain the formula for predicting the end of everything.

    Most important is the command to be ever vigilant so that whenever Jesus returns He will find us about His business.

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