Christian the Lion



A while ago now my daughter showed me a Youtube clip of Christian the Lion. He was spotted in Harrods in the 60s in a cramped cage by two Aussie friends. They couldn’t leave him. They bought him and took him home to their Kings Road flat. You should watch the clip, if you haven’t already. It’s incredibly moving (even against the cheesey music). This clip alone has nearly 5 million views but there are others too.

On the front page of The Guardian’s Family section today, there is a photo of the two friends back in the day, Christian happily riding along in their soft-top. And now a  film is being made, with none other than Zac Efron playing the part of John Rendall. A kind of Born Free. Christian changed the lives of these two Australian men and Christian is a huge testament to animal conservation.

A Lion Called Christian is published by Bantam Press, in a revised edition of the book written by Anthony Burke (Ace) and John Rendall which was a bestseller in 1971.

You’ve got to watch this clip!


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