Music of the Night






Had a fab night last night at our oldest’s school summer concert. He was playing ‘cello in the swingband and performing two duets of show tunes. We hadn’t heard him sing since he was a soprano so it was a surprise to hear his deep voice. And he and his fantastic, talented partner didn’t go for the obvious songs; they chose My Friends and Phantom of the Opera. He made a creepy Sweeney Todd and an even creepier Phantom. Quite surreal. It’s his last concert at the school before he leaves for sixth form college but I hope those two can do a repeat performance at some point in the future.










And then there was the Teignmouth Community Choir in conjunction with Ivybridge Community Choir singing jolly songs about science. I learnt all about Louis Braille and the invention of the internet amongst other things.

I love my town.


2 thoughts on “Music of the Night

  1. Good to see that you are mentioned in this month’s Mslexia – and congratulations on both the prize and the book. I am actually a neighbour of yours in Teignmouth – my very small back garden backs onto your larger one!

    • Thanks, Jean! That’s the first time I’ve managed to get into Mslexia and I’ve been trying for years… I’ll keep an eye out for you over the fence.

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