The Short Story

BBC Radio 4 are due to cut their short story output from three stories a week (it was five) down to one. The BBC have been such a champion of the short story art form that this has surprised and disappointed many writers and listeners. The stories kept me going for years, as I sat day after day in my car waiting for my kids to dawdle out of school. It was a little pool of oasis in an often arid day of housewifery.


If you treasure the short story for the precious jewel it is, then please take a look at the Society of Authors and sign the petition to ask the BBC to reconsider its decision.

Competitions are still a great way to get your voice heard and have started many writers on their path to publication. But to have your voice heard on radio is very special, whether you are an established writer or an emerging one.

Come on BBC. You’ve played such an important part in my life: watching Saturday night telly as a kid with my family, listening with my brothers in the car to the Top Twenty as we drove back from my great aunt’s every Sunday, waiting for my kids, immersed in another world of the imagination.  You can do it!


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