Mental Health Awareness Week

As Mental Health Awareness Week begins, I’m wondering how I only just found out that this event is happening. Why is it not a well-known fact? Maybe because we still don’t like to talk about mental health in this country? We might flippantly throw around comments like ‘you’re so OCD’ and ‘she’s schizo’ and ‘I wanted to slit my wrists’ but would we do this about cancer? Don’t we approach cancer and other life-threatening conditions with more openness and gravity and respect?

As a sufferer of depression I would like to speak up now for anyone with mental health issues – we get sick like anyone else with a physical illness. We should talk about it. Not get embarrassed and hide it. Even if you yourself have not been diagnosed with this kind of illness then you most probably know someone who has – even if you are unaware of it.

And if  you are suffering and haven’t yet got help, then look for it – it is out there. Start with the Mental Health Foundation or Mind.

“People’s lack of understanding and unfounded fears can be just as destructive as the mental health problem itself.”

It’s time to talk, it’s Time to Change.


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