Fun and Games

In the modern world where teenagers and parents separate out of an evening to TVs, XBoxes and laptops, Christmas is a time in the Duffy household when the family gets together and plays board games. Yesterday Son One and Son Two played Risk with their father. Son Two had world domination powers thanks to Call of Duty. This got me thinking of my childhood in the seventies when my brother and I played board games all the time, hooked up with the various lodgers and students who frequented our big Victorian house to help pay the bills of our one-parent family.

We had three telly channels, a cassette player and an early Casio calculator. That was as far as our technology went. So we played games: sardines, cards and a plethora of classic board games which were kept in the sideboard of our dining room. And which have mainly stood the test of time and been bought again for our kids.

So see below my Top Ten which have entertained, frustrated and caused many a sibling fight:

Subbutteo caused the biggest problem in my childhood home as I would trample over the players and snap off their bodies in a tantrum. And for our kids, it’s been Mousetrap – mainly because it never works how you want it to…

But there’s sopmething special about sibling arguments. There’s no one else in the world who shares those family dynamics and who you can love and hate in equal abandon. So switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead…


7 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. Such memories !- I recognise all of those games – ( I’d forgotten about Mousie, mousie). Good, simple family fun – no batteries or wires involved!
    Happy New Year!

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