Real Men Don’t Bother Women

Yesterday in Malawi there was a peacfeul yet powerful protest by women who are angered at being attacked and even stripped for wearing trousers, instead of national dress. Seodi White, lawyer and activist, has been an inspiration, standing up for women’s right to freedom. She said:  “failure to act now in sending a strong message of protest will create widespread actions against women that will be difficult to contain in future’.

It’s really hard to believe that in this day and age a woman cannot dress how she wants, assumptions being made about her from what she wears.  But sexism is still interwoven throughout all societies, east and west alike, nowhere is free of it. Jokes, porn, strippers, rape – it’s all on the spectrum of men still needing power over women.

So I am thankful for strong women like Seodi White who will put their lives on the line for a fairer world, a world where everyone – female and male – can live to their full potential and be the person they were created to be.


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