Oh Deary Me!

Watched Alan Partridge last night and haven’t laughed so much in ages. There’s something about his pathetic life in the Travel Tavern that should make you pity him, despise him, but he’s just hilarious. Genius telly. And for the ultimate spoof celebrity autobiography, you really must read ‘I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan’. (I also watched the first in a second (?)series of Roger and Val have just got in which was a real treat. Touching and real.)

So I’ve been thinking about sitcoms I miss, short-lived series that fizzled out for one reason or another. And how situation comedy can really show the stark reality and absurdity of life.

The High Life

Can you remember the theatrical The High Life about the flight crew of  Air Scotia flying out of Prestwick airport and starring Alan Cumming before he was whisked off to Hollywood?

Then there was Cardiac Arrest which showcased Helen Baxendale and Andrew Lancel, currently bad boy Frank in Coronation Street. It was a mix of dark humour and hard-hitting attack on the NHS – just pre-New Labour.

The Goodies












Can’t forget The Goodies for its surreal take on life. British people of a certain generation can be put into two camps: The Goodies or Monty Python. For me, it has to be the former.

Then there was a much more down-to-earth sitcom that was on a Friday night with Mel Smith and Louisa Rix, called Colin’s Sandwich. This was gentle and quiet but with a wry humour – a British Rail clerk who wanted to be a writer.

There must be many more sitcoms that could have gone on longer but stopped short for one reason or another…. Can you think of any?

Colin's Sandwich

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