Double Act

So pleased to have Scott and Bailey back on TV. A cop show headed up by a female dynamic duo, with a funny, hard, feminine female boss. Made me nostalgic for Cagney and Lacey who were fantastic role models back in the day when we were surrounded by men in moustaches and short shorts running around in Ferraris or whatever. 


And then a real treat: Watson and Oliver. Funny women that make me laugh out loud. Genuine laughter which makes you feel good. Definitely worthy of carrying the baton of French and Saunders with their celebrity parodies and ironic send-ups of women then and now (and a bit of Jane Austen thrown in). But what makes this sketch show unique is the poignancy that breaks through. The relationship between the prisoner and officer is touching…


So refreshing after the depressing awfulness of Take Me Out, Love in the Wild, etc etc etc…



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