Step by Step

Nik Wallenda, a seventh generation tightrope walker completed a dare devil stunt last night over the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara, crossing from America to Canada. If you’ve never been to Niagara Falls you won’t quite appreciate how risky, scary and downright mad this is. But Nik Wallenda has been doing this all his life. It’s in his blood.

Desperate to do it without a harness, he was not allowed, but this takes nothing away from his achievement. Wearing elkskin slippers made by his mother, he walked across a two inch wide wire for 1800 feet, 150 feet above the falls, mist and wind coming at him from all sides, and with the weight of expectancy on his shoulders.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I had to do was check to see if he had made it as the crossing took place in the middle of our night. I was really excited and very relieved to discover he had. Having been in Niagara in April, with a view of the falls, it was incredible to think anyone could achieve this feat.

As an American citizen, Wallenda had to show his passport as he stepped onto Canadian soil. When asked by an official “What is the purpose of your trip?”, he replied: “To inspire people around the world.”

Canada is a great country but surely there are easier ways to enter it…?


2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Bryan went to see Nik walk last evening. Bryan was standing near Table Rock & were the big lights light up Horseshoe Falls.He said he saw Nik get on the tightrope and then he disappeared into the thick mist that swirled about the falls last night. They waited almost 20 minutes before seeing him emerge from the mist. Bryan said it was truly spectacular a once in a life time event.

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