Henman’s sliced backhand

I have watched Wimbledon every year ever since I was about seven years old. The mid-seventies was an exciting time to watch tennis, with hard-hitting characters like Jimmy Connors and Ilie Nastase. But it was Bjorn Borg who caught me. And when John McEnroe showed up, the greatest on-court rivalry was born.

So I thought I would post some pictures of some of my Wimbledon heroes. Some obvious ones are not there because they left me cold for whatever reason. But these men and women will stay in my memory, whether for a victory, or a match, or a human response to the game they loved.

Wimbledon fortnight contains the highs and lows of human drama. Moments of victory and defeat. Moments I will cherish forever.
Bring it on!

5 thoughts on “SW19

  1. Couldn’t agree with your more Sophie. I would have thought you were too young to remember the 70s heroes (and heroines). I must admit it’s lost some of its magic for me now. It’s all about fast powerful serves and less finesse. But I will still watch it, if only for the sake of nostalgia

  2. I too love watching tennis matches, Wimbledon included. I agree the range of emotions are amazing to see. The grace and savagery of the plays are awesome. I’d love to have a stop motion high speed camera to capture these athletes in action and then transfer that power and elegance to canvas.

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