Had a lovely trip to Agatha Christie’s magnificent holiday home last Friday. Greenway, now owned by the National Trust, is set in stunning Devon countryside overlooking the River Dart with views down to Dartmouth and up to Dittisham. The house is elegant and huge but still feels like a family home as it is so cluttered with collections of all sorts of things. Agatha was married to archeologist Sir Max Mallowan and accompanied him on several digs in Syria and Iraq which explains the collections. (I thought I was a hoarder…)

The extensive gardens include a walled garden, a peach house, a pet cemetery and the famous boathouse with plunge pool that appears in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
Although Agatha lived in other parts of England, we Devonians like to claim her as ours. She was born in Torquay and spent her childhood there. She was actually baptised in a church in Belgrave Road just across the street from the sweet shop where I lived as a child which inspired the setting for The Generation Game. 
If you are down this way, Greenway is well worth a visit but getting there needs some planning. If you decide to drive you have to pre-book a car park space. Or you can arrive in style by vintage bus, boat, or steam train.

2 thoughts on “Greenway

  1. I keep meaning to go there. We did the steam train/ river boat trip last October and have been past a few times, but never made it in yet. Just renewed our NT membership, so maybe that’s what we’ll do next!

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