Tibetan Terriers

Our lovely dog, Millie, is expecting puppies in about two weeks. This is a first for our family and we are very excited. Today, I have been trying to get my head around the birth and what we’ll have to buy. It’s not as expensive as having a baby but it is a big undertaking. Christmas this year will be a lot of fun and mess.

So what are Tibetan Terriers like as a breed? They are intelligent, need human company, love attention, are cuddly, long-living, medium-sized dogs. They can be clipped unless you want to spend a lot of time grooming. They are great watch dogs and always let you know when someone is at the door. They have a big bark, not a yappy one. They don’t moult or shed as they have a woolly coat – and big fluffy feet for walking on snow as they come from Tibet. And boy, can they jump high.

They love people and children. They are strong characters so you have to be firm otherwise they will ignore you. They might ignore you anyway and that is why some people call them Tibetan terrorists. Once you have a Tibetan in your life, you will never manage without one.



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