I Dream of Larry

I’m sitting here in my kitchen in Devon, the rain lashing it down outside, wondering why so many celebrities of my childhood and teenage years are passing away. In the last few months, we’ve said goodbye to Davy Jones, Max Bygraves, Andy Williams, Bill Tarmey (aka Jack Duckworth), Betty Driver, Bob Holness, Clive (Jonesy) Dunn and now Larry Hagman.

I first got to know Larry Hagman back in the day on Dallas. Mum and I watched it religiously every week and found the glamourous world of oil so different to the back streets of  the British soaps. Larry Hagman as JR was undoubtably the star of the show and time has shown what an enduring impact Dallas has had on popular culture. So many references… The Poisoned Dwarf (Terry Wogan’s pet name for Lucy), ‘I shot JR’ t-shirts (as modelled by Tom in Father Ted), and evil JR’s love for Jock (‘Like my daddy always said…’).

I also used to watch re-runs of I Dream of Jeanie and can hum the theme tune – if you really want me to.

All of these childhood names bring up nostalgic memories and most are connected to The Generation Game in some way…Please don’t let anything happen to Brucie for a very long time. I couldn’t bear it…

As the rain falls, I can shut my eyes and imagine myself some place far away…. downtown Dallas, hot, steamy Southfork…sultry Sue Ellen, perfect Pamela, licentious Lucy, randy Ray…we’ll never forget that glorious soap opera.

And, thankfully, Larry got to reprieve his alter-ego and hand Dallas on to the next generation. Ye-ha!


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