Fire, Fire

soaps-coronation-street-sunita-alahan-dev-alahan-hospitalIt’s been a heartbreaking week with the constant media coverage of those poor six children who died in a fire that was started by their father.

Not to belittle the real life tragedy we have watched unfold over the last few months, but fire has also been on our screens in Coronation Street where much-loved character Sunita has died from injuries sustained in an arson attack on the Rovers Return. A female firefighter also died. And yes, it’s fiction, but fiction offer us a truth. and this truth is that there are evil people in this world.

I have just finished reading Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life. This amazingly ambitious novel includes a large section about World War Two and the ARPs who kept watch over the safety of civilians during raids and who valiantly helped the firefighters rescue victims of the Blitz, a constant barrage of incendiaries and bombs that fell on London and other British cities for much of the war.

Fiction, real life… this all leaves me with a feeling of sadness for lives lost due to violence and megalomania. And with a sense of awe and pride for the firefighters and servicemen and women who put their lives on the line for the rest of humanity.

And I do believe that good triumphs over evil. We must not stand by and watch others do bad things. We must stand up, speak out and do our bit. However small.


4 thoughts on “Fire, Fire

  1. Well said and truly what so many people think, ‘We must stand up, speak out and do our bit. However small.’

    BUT always so much easier said than done (sorry for the cliché). It’s often safer to turn away because we feel that our contribution will make no difference at all so ‘what’s the point?’ Especially in today’s society when frequently, if a person tries to ‘do the right thing’ the next thing they know they are arrested and the tables are turned, suddenly the do-gooder is the malefactor.

    I wish so much, as do so many others I’m sure, that evil could be eradicated from the world. How wonderful that would be. A world living in harmony. Unfortunately, impossible I think. I feel sad too. Everyone lives and dies but so many lives are needlessly lost.

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