Monday Book Review; The Wedding Diary by Margaret James

Looking forward to reading Margaret’s latest novel. I’m hearing wonderful things about it.

The Romaniacs

TWD_packshot copyMJThis is one of those books that you keep on the shelf (or Kindle file) that’s specially reserved for comfort and joy reading. You must have one of those too – stories just sitting there waiting for that moment when you’ve got a horrible cold, or someone’s been mean to you, or life gives you an even bigger kick in the teeth.

I was having the first of these moments when I started reading the story of Cat and her search for the perfect bridegroom to star in her even more perfect wedding; snuffling, sneezing and being generally fed up. Within minutes, I was feeling much better, snuggled up in bed with this example of delicious escapism. I laughed at the antics of Tess and Bex, shivered when Fanny, the evil patroness, was particularly poisonous, and dreamed of a hero like Adam (just pointing out here that I was bagging…

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