You Have Been Watching


So anyone who’s come across my blog, you might gather that I am a strange mix of creature. Part mother, part feminist, part softie, part nut job. But you will also have noticed my love of telly. Nothing problematic about that.

As much as I respect the Beeb, I am a long time Corrie fan with at least thirty years of loyalty. I am also growing increasingly fond of ITV drama. Broadchurch had an unexpected hold on me. I will feel a little lost tomorrow. Or will I?

It’s good to be scared and spooked because it reminds you of the good things you have in life. But I like nothing better than to have a laugh. (As I am watching this, Father Ted is on More 4. Lovely Girls. Sublime.) And tomorrow evening I just might survive. After a double whammy of Corrie there is a double whammy of two new sitcoms on ITV. The Job Lot and Vicious.

I hope they are funny. I will certainly be watching.



4 thoughts on “You Have Been Watching

  1. I have never been a T.V fan…I watch the occasional programme on my computer, Doctor Who and Miranda, but I will never have those fond memories of watching characters on favourite programmes for years!

  2. I find TV, just as much as reading, helps to stimulate new ideas for stories – so basically I can excuse curling up on the sofa to watch David Tennant as work. Broadchurch was stunning, well written and acted. Shame the final twist was quite similar to the recent Mayday (BBC), but guess this was just bad luck and not planned. Am hoping Vicious lives up to the cast list!

    • I didn’t see Mayday so can’t comment. And yes, Vicious, what a cast. And they’ve never acted together although they’ve had such similar careers. Hope it’s a treat!

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