Retreats for you (and me)

When you are little, and poorly, there’s nothing better than being tucked up on the sofa with a mug of cocoa and cheese on toast. And having a day off school. Well, I just had a sort of adult version of that, though I wasn’t ill – well, no more than is usual. I went on a writer’s retreat for a couple of days and although I didn’t spend my time watching telly languishing on the sofa, I was very well looked after by the lovely Deborah and Bob who run Retreats for you in Sheepwash, Devon.
2013-05-02 12.55.08
I needed some time and space to focus on my novel-in-progress as I approach the end. It was just what I needed. And my novel.
What a lovely couple, a gorgeous house, in a proper Devon village. With sheep and everything.
I can’t wait to go back…

3 thoughts on “Retreats for you (and me)

  1. Hi Sophie, Sounds wonderful! I only said to Anne Goring a couple of days ago that I would like to go to a retreat and do some writing!
    Trouble is, I don’t drive, nor do I have a laptop!
    Take care, and thankyou for sharing. Rosy x

      • That’s good to know Sophie. Hope you are ok too. See you on June 27th at Exeter Library? Rosy

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