May-be Next Year

So we’re almost at the end of May. And what do we think of it this year?

Well, in Devon, I’m in two minds, which is quite a common occurrence with me as I can be a bit of a ditherer. So I will do a pros and cons list, good and bad points about the month of May.



Nice weather. Spring has sprung

My birthday.

Two bank holidays


Blossom reminds me of exams because my step brother-in-law told me that to pass exams you have to have finished your revision by the time the blossom falls off the tree. I still feel anxiety when I see blossom floating in the air…

Horrible weather. Spring has sprung back to winter.

My birthday. Another year older, another year further away from being a little child, a time when there was a whole lot less troubles, at least that I was aware of.

Two bank holidays. Putting myself under pressure to have a great family time when in reality our teenagers just want to hang out with friends not their parents. We live in our isolated pods, not communicating with one another, apart from a few words thrown around in the vicinity of the fridge at odd moments in the day. And the occasional text message.

Yes, I am in two minds about May.

But what about June? At least there’s Wimbledon to look forward to. Come on, Andy.

And yes, I know it’s Bjorn Borg.

bjorn borg


5 thoughts on “May-be Next Year

  1. So, summer is coming and going all over Europe this year! At least we don’t have all those Bank Holidays Mondays here in Italy. Don’t worry about the kids, the teenage years will come and go and then they’ll be calling you up to arrange to come home for some family time…oh, and home cooking and washing! ūüôā

  2. Nothing wrong with Bjorn!!

    Well the Month of May across the pond has been typical for Canucks.
    Never say never to snow & cold but look out tomorrow may be in the 80’s & sunny
    Beginning of Cottage & Camping season
    Blossoms & The Pelham Art Festival – both mean lots of work
    Seasonal allergies = red runny noses, itchy eyes and ears
    Mothers Day
    24 th of May Long weekend – fireworks

    Then comes June – in our part of Canada – no snow
    Out door art shows – more work lugging tents, sides etc
    First Day of summer

  3. May is the month when we can use the word ‘burgeoning’ in relation to the garden: the daisies are burgeoning, the dandelions are burgeoning, the nettles are burgeoning (going to be a good year for the wildlife), but also my flowerbeds are burgeoning; suddenly stuffed full; huge cushions of green overflowing onto the path, and not a bit of soil still visible.

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