Good News


Lynn Green has recently been elected as the new General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. This is like the Church of England having a female Archbishop of Canterbury, a prospect which is sadly further away than many of us believed it to be since the astonishing vote against women bishops. It will happen in the C of E, no doubt, in time. But the Baptists are in a new place where they are affirming a person who has been chosen by God, because of their gifts. Gender is no longer an issue like it still is in other parts of the world, including countries in Africa and parts of the USA.


Violet Hedger was the first female Baptist minister in 1922, a long way ahead of the first woman priest of the C of E in 1994. Since then there have been many more C of E female vicars and it took the Baptists a while to gain momentum. It seems now they are in full swing.

After the cloudiness of the last twenty years, a new wave of Feminism is shining across our nation, 100 years after the suffragettes died for the right for women to vote. No More Page 3 and other campaigns to stop the objectification of and discrimination against women are burgeoning. And Lynn Green is General Secretary. Whoop!

And so I will say it. I am a Feminist Christian who at last feels like I can be proud to be a Baptist. Hallelujah!


One thought on “Good News

  1. That is good news. Hallelujah indeed! Our church isn’t really any denomination but we are linked to the south-west baptist network so I often tell people I’m baptist just to keep things simple!

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