Viva the Wombles!

Very excited to see that Channel 5 is bringing back the Wombles in 2015 in a new CGI format that Mike Batt says ‘will look more like stop motion but with great fur’.

I love Elisabeth Beresford’s books and who can resist listening to Bernard Cribbins’ lovely soft voice, so indicative of the quirkiness of the 70s. And the theme of the Wombles – recycling – ahead of its time, will strike a chord even more now. It doesn’t matter that my kids are teenagers including one adult. I will be watching. And I will force, I mean encourage them to as well.

What is so endearing about the Wombles that us kids of the 70s still love them forty years on? Is it their cute pointy noses? Their furry fur? Their passion for collecting rubbish from Wimbledon Common and recycling it into something usable? The fact that these creatures were so popular they formed a band and were on TOTP (and at Glastonbury in 2011…)? Was it their names, chosen from the old atlas in Great Uncle Bulgaria’s study? They just have something endearing and loveable. My favourite was always lazy, chubby Orinoco in his red knitted scarf.

As for their names? I was just looking at this fab website to remember all the characters’ names. This got me to work out which of the places I’d been to: Tobermory (in Canada, not Scotland), Bulgaria, and Wellington (in Somerset, not NZ).

I really should be getting on with my writing…

If you are in need of a displacement activity, check out the website and watch this video of Episode 1, Series 1.

How am I going to wait until 2015?


2 thoughts on “Viva the Wombles!

  1. What lovely news, but making us wait until 2015 is mean. I too read the books and loved the TV series – used to watch it every day with my granddad after school. Even had a cuddly Orinoco, he was my favourite for many years. Thanks for stirring the memories again, Sophie, happy ones too!

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