Sophie Duffy

I did something I know I shouldn’t do. I googled myself. Worse, I googled Sophie Duffy images. And there I was, in many forms, with many different hair cuts, clothes, backgrounds, but with the same smile which I think is genuine as I had it as a baby.

sophie lecture 005

So who is Sophie Duffy? Well, she’s a lot of things, including a mother and a writer. A daughter. A sister. A cousin. A niece. A Feminist. A teacher. A mentor. A friend. A Christian (Baptist to be precise – but don’t let that put you off; you might be surprised). I’m also a wife – not a particularly good wife because I don’t clean behind the fridge. Not forgetting a depressive. A suicide survivor (not my own, my dad’s). And a Corrie addict.

I can be grumpy and moody. Persistent and stubborn. Impatient and bored. But I can be kind and funny. Sometimes. If you get me on a good day. With a fair wind.

And one day I hope to be happy. And grown up. And wise. And then I might know who I really am.

You never know… Watch this space…


4 thoughts on “Sophie Duffy

  1. So well written Sophie. I now feel I know you so well.
    And, by the by, I don’t clean behind the fridge either! Far more important things to do!
    Rosy x

  2. You can be very funny. Especially with wind! Can I join the non UKIP fridge dodgers too?
    See you for not-very-grown-up-at-all-time very soon xx

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