Eyes on the Prize


OK, writers out there. You still have until the end of the month to sharpen up those novel manuscripts and enter them into the Exeter Novel Prize.

If you are not currently under contract, then you can enter this competition,whether you’ve been published before or not. If it wasn’t for writing prizes, I wouldn’t have been published. Your manuscript will be read and considered by the three of us at CreativeWritingMatters – Margaret James, Cathie Hartigan and me. The shortlist will be read by literary agent Broo Doherty. And who knows what will follow…

You don’t even have to spend on postage. It’s just the push of a button…


2 thoughts on “Eyes on the Prize

  1. “It’s just in the push of a button…..” That’s my phrase, first in 1966 and then in 2010 for the BBC TV Licensing campaign… 🙂 Sadly I won’t be pushing the button for the comp this year, just haven’t quite got there. Hope you have many entries and enjoy reading them. There’s always 2014 for me. Ninette

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