Try a little Tenderness

I just watched Tom Daley’s youtube video where he articulately shares details of his personal life. He is in a relationship with a bloke and is very happy and safe. As the mother of a gay son I know how hard this must be for him to announce to the world and confirms to me what I’ve always thought about him – as well as being a great role model and a fantastically dedicated diver, he is a brave young man. And I’m chuffed to be a fellow Devonian.

So Tom, if people have a go, it is their ignorance, not your problem. Listen to those who love you, like your mum. And I just know your lovely dad would be so proud of you.

We’ll be with you on your journey to Rio.


6 thoughts on “Try a little Tenderness

  1. Aww what a cutie! It’s a shame it’s come to this though that he’s had to make a video to justify himself in a way – especially after all that he’s achieved. It shouldn’t matter if he’s dating a guy or a girl, as long as he’s happy. Same goes with everyone else! xx

  2. Heard it live on 5Live this morning on my way to run a parenting group and felt very moved by his words. It’s great that he used social media to get his message through rather than being outed by the press, or put on the spot by an interviewer xxx

  3. I think the word G.A.Y. says volumes – Good As You ! God does not make mistakes he loves each and everyone of us and all he asks of us is to love and respect each other. Congratulations on showing the world what an incredible gift God made!

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