Crystal Gayle, so there

When I was a teenager, back in the mid 80s, I loved Wham! and Tears for Fears and the Human League. I also loved Motown, especially Marvin and Aretha. However, I also had a thing for country music, Dolly and Tammy and Johnny and, in particular, Crystal. I spent three weeks in Canada in the summer of ’85 listening to her back catalogue on my Walkman. Whenever I hear her, I remember that awesome holiday.

So there. I’ve said it. Only a few people close to me know how I feel about this woman and I’ve had to stick up for her over the years. But that’s fine. I’m good at sticking up for things and causes and people.

But I’s sorry to say that Crystal and I have drifted apart. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to her, partly because she has this tendency to make me cry and there have been times, dark times, when I really haven’t needed any help in that department thank you very much. But today I felt strong enough to listen to her again and tried to work out what it is that draws me to her voice and sound.

And it’s to do with emotion. She tells you about her heartache, her loves and dreams. And you believe her.

She also has the most amazingly long hair you have ever seen.

Here she is singing Johnny Cash’s ‘I Still Miss Someone’.


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