The Eyes of a Child

I love Christmas but I do confess to getting panicky right now. I feel the pressure building up behind my eyes and my heart beating just a little too fast.

It’s good to remember the true meaning of Christmas. As much as I love the shiny baubles and the Buble’s Christmas CD, I was reminded yesterday that Christmas is about awe and wonder. A baby in a manger. A world of possibility.

Children have it right. Anticipation and excitement. But we as adults need to play our part. We need to cut back on Argos and Tesco, even John Lewis (who do the best adverts by far). We need to focus on the way Christmas brings us together, whatever our beliefs. For me, as a Christian, there is nothing better than the carols by candlelight service at our church, which is always packed and so pretty.

What can we do?

Buy local. Buy Fair-trade. Buy from charity shops and Oxfam online. Buy homemade. Or make something yourself. Buy vintage.

Ask someone over for Christmas day.

Watch telly with your family. Watch Elf. Or Home Alone. Or Mupppet Christmas Carol. Watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

Pick up the phone and call a loved one.

Find it in your heart to let go of any hurt and bitterness that lurks there.

Give a book and make an author happy.

This Christmas I’m going to try to cut back on the stress. Which is flipping hard. So When I feel that pressure building, I will watch this scene from Elf, where Buddy shows the excitement of a child. And pop another cherry liqueur.

Here are some links to my favourite online stores right now.

If you have a minute check out Legend Press’s blog where I am talking about Christmas.

Did I mention The Generation Game is on Kindle for 99p this December?

And can you tell I am all over the place? This blog post is an outpouring of thoughts right now. Better out than in, as they say. Maybe.

Have a very happy, peace-filled Christmas.


2 thoughts on “The Eyes of a Child

  1. Great message Sophie. And If anyone keen to buy fairtrade then Traidcraft (link above) are doing free delivery on orders above £15 this month! With lots of special offers great for those presents you haven’t yet bought!!

  2. What a lovely reminder, Sophie. Yes, I try to buy as much from the local villages at Xmas (all year in fact) particularly ordering locally sourced veg/cheese boxes from our village deli. And watching Elf is one of my secret pleasures – it is cheesy but so full of innocent charm. Hope you have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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