Letters from Mabel


29th November 1899

SS Rome

Dearest Mother

I am going to write a line in the chance of getting it posted. We are not going till early tomorrow morning, it does seem a shame to waste so much time.

After you had gone, I saw about my hat box and then went and unpacked a bit and then we had lunch at 1.30. It was rather awful at lunch but I sat at a table with two other ladies and got on all right.

I have just been having a little chat with the Captain and he tells me I am to sit on his right hand at dinner. Very nice but rather awful. I hope I shall get on all right.

I have had a little talk with a girl who is travelling alone. She is going to Colombo to change for India. I think she may be nice.

There don’t seem many people on board, but I suppose they are busy in their cabins at present. I think I am going to be all right and happy. I shall be glad when we start.

Goodbye, Mother dear, and everybody. Try and think it won’t be long before I am back again.

With heaps of love to all

From Mab.

The cabin does seem poky. I have to sit on the bed to open my box.


8 thoughts on “Letters from Mabel

  1. Lovely that you have started to transcribe the letters. If she was 18 or 19 that is quite young to be heading off on your own for such an adventure.

    Just a suggestion that will hopefully help- I learnt the hard way when sharing via blog a transcription of a series of documents – set into a category early on otherwise it will be a dreadful time when you later want to extract the posts.

    I will look forward to reading more.

  2. Late Victorian times, and your young lady appears to be travelling alone! Unusual, but I am guessing that as the story unfolds, we will learn why. Thanks for sharing Sophie .. Rosy

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