Letters from Mabel 30.11.1899


SS Rome
Friday 10.30

My dearest Mother

We started off at 9 o’clock this morning and are well out in the river now. I am sitting on deck in my chair, closely wrapped up in rug and cape and am very comfortable and quite warm.

I got on all right at dinner last night. The Captain did not come in at all, but I have a very nice man on my other side who soon talked to me. His wife is next to him and they are both very nice but I have not found out their names yet. They are only going as far as Gibraltar.

The girl who is alone too, Miss Whitby, and I are sitting together this morning. She is very nice. She is going to stay with a brother in Travancore.

I got on all right last night and was beautifully warm. I piled on all the blankets and kept my dressing jacket on. The stewardess is very nice and has quite taken me in charge. She brought me in some tea at 7.15 and my hot water at 8. Breakfast is at 9. She won’t let me have baths until it is warmer, and as I am alone it does not matter.

Good bye




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