Letters from Mabel, December 10th, 1899


My dearest Mother

It was nice having your letter on Thursday. I thought they would never give them round, it was such a long time before I got mine. I was miserable when I watched you all out of sight, it seemed as if the world was coming to an end. But you know I soon make friends with people and when I had spoken to one or two, I felt better.

The two young subs that I told you about, Mr Moens and Mr Renny, are a great comfort to me. They are like Norman used to be a year or two ago and we have great fun together. Those two, and the girls Miss Smith and Miss Whitby, and a Mr Coutts, sometimes Mr Haines, are always together. Last night after dinner, we all went onto the bows and sat on rugs in the moonlight. It was so jolly.

The Captain is really very nice. Some people can’t get on with him at all as he is rather abrupt, but I do capitally, as you would say. He likes girls who can mag* to him. All the same I shall be very glad when the voyage is over, it gets very tedious sometimes. There is simply nothing to do but sleep, eat and read, with an occasional promenade up and down, and that is difficult now there are so many people.

The stewardess is the stout woman you saw, and she is awfully nice to me. We had a very nice little service in the saloon this morning. We did not have one last Sunday because so many were ill; it made the day seem very long without it.

I am awfully sorry the nice man who sat next to me has gone. The one who has come in his place is not a bit nice, rather inclined to be familiar. Unfortunately he is going as far as Colombo.

with lots of hugs and kisses to everyone, from Mab.

xxxxxxxxxx for Xmas Day


* I had to look up the word ‘mag’ which means to chatter or to tease. Good for you, Mab.


4 thoughts on “Letters from Mabel, December 10th, 1899

  1. Love these fabulous letters, Sophie. It would be interesting to note her rea tions and feelings if she could see herself on a cruise ship today to the same destination.
    Thanks so much for sharing Sophie

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