The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign.

Boobs are indeed not news.

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no more page 3

I have not seen so much confusion surrounding a campaign than that surrounding the ‘No More Page 3’ one. Although young, at the age of 18, as a supporter of this campaign I have grown to notice the many false assumptions people are getting about what we are saying. Firstly, I aim to tell you some of the things that the campaign is NOT:

1. It is not forcing a ban/forcing anybody to sign.
The campaign is asking the editor of The Sun to make a voluntary change and is asking members of the public to voluntarily sign. If you do decide to sign the petition, you are simply declaring that you, personally, do not like to see the page 3 photos.

2. It is not against breasts at all.
The campaign purely feels that this page is completely out of context in a family newspaper and believes that it…

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