Mabel is Married.


Tuesday 2.30 (late December 1899)

My dearest Tommie*

I thought you would like to know how I am getting on as a “married woman”. It is a bit weird, as Hubert would say, but it is wonderful how soon one gets used to it. George is awfully good, in fact, I think too good to last. He is most tremendously shy. It is a good thing though as it makes it much nicer for me. I was so relieved when I found he had a dressing room. He bunks straight into it for dressing and undressing and shuts the door tight, which is decidedly convenient of him.

I sometimes try to think that he is you, when he is fast asleep with his arm round me just as you used to put yours, then I get hold of a pyjama sleeve and remember where I am. He is such a dear boy and has certainly improved in a great many ways. He spoils me tremendously, but apart from that he is much more thoughtful and considerate, especially in little things, and I intend to keep him up to it.

I am most awfully well and have a huge appetite now. I am always hungry for my meals and thoroughly enjoy them. I am very glad I brought that warm velvet blouse as it is most useful for putting on in the evenings. It is warm enough for a print blouse in the daytime, but the velvet is quite cosy after 6 o’clock.

7 o’clock
We have just been for a long walk and now George is having a bath before dinner. It is quite cold and I am writing this sitting in front of the fire, a wood one which makes me think of Fairbank. I am so longing for letters but of course the mail is late this week. I do so wonder how you are getting on and if you have got a decent servant – how I do hope you have. I keep picturing you all slaving away and having such bad times.

Be sure to tell me everything when you write and if anybody has colds or anything.

Goodbye dear. I must leave off as it is dinner time.

Much love from Mab.

*Tommie is Mabel’s sister, Amy


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