Who is Bob?


April 30th 1900

Dearest Tommie *

So jolly, your letters came last night. I had three letters, from you, Kate, and Gwen (typed), two parcels form you and two from Kate (the Lady and some soldier photos). I have been lazy in starting my letters this week, but I’ve been doing extra work instead. I had let my darning etc get behind when it was so hot and I had a good deal to get through. George has thin cotton socks which are a nuisance to darn and don’t please me at all.

You are quaint! Of course I will subscribe to the League of Mercy or any other League if you will pay the sub. It did make George laugh. You are going to be a swell this summer. I wish I could see you in all your various costumes. George sends his love and says you can’t hoodwink him, so many new clothes at once can only mean a trousseau and he believes you are starting to collect as to be ready.

I am very glad Mother has gone to Kate’s. The change will do her no end of good. I hope you won’t have slaved too much over the spring cleaning, doing it all by yourself. I do feel such a lazy pig when I think of how lazy I am. I wish it were possible to do more. I am sure it is bad for the liver to move about so little. I wish, oh how I wish, you could send me over Clubs if you don’t want them very much. They are so expensive out here and George’s are much too heavy for me. The exercise would be so splendid and I have got plenty of room up on the verandah.

Mrs Gillespy sent out George’s hockey sticks. She tied them tightly and wrapped brown paper round them. They cost one shilling and I should think they are heavier than our Clubs. But if you find they would cost a lot to send, of course don’t send them. If you write to Kate before my next letter is due, will you give her my love and thank her for her letter and also for the soldier photos. They are nice, especially Bob. I don’t care for the one of Kitchener so much. Isn’t Baden Powell sweet?

Last week, when it was cool, G and I went for walks in the evenings. It was such a treat to feel energetic enough.

Lots of love to all from Mab.

*Tommie is Mabel’s sister, Amy.


One thought on “Who is Bob?

  1. What a treat to read a Mab’s letter today. It speaks of a much quieter and warmer life style Here we are all hubbub with the kids and dogs moving to their beautiful new home in Brantford this week. Will miss them greatly. We have had lake effect snow all yesterday and last night, woke to – 19 C with the wind chill.

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