Six Things My Dad Taught Me

1. The importance of family. We owe our lives to those who went before us. To those who loved us and took care of us. This doesn’t always go well. But we have to learn and love and forgive.


2. It’s okay to be an observer. The one who dodges the camera. The one who operates in the background. As long as every now and again you let yourself shine with a one-liner, a roar of laughter, or a sparkle in your eye.


3. Always have a car with a big boot.

sophie lecture 008

sophie lecture 022

4. Always live near the sea.

sophie lecture

5. Never forget.

6. Never give up hope. I wish my dad had persevered with this game of life but I know however hard it gets, there is a light shining in the darkness.

Christmas 1977
Christmas 1977


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