Happy Birthday, Pippi!


Listening to Woman’s Hour yesterday morning, there was a discussion about Pippi Longstocking and what a powerful role model she is for girls. She is strong, eccentric and kind-hearted and doesn’t care about how she looks. (In fact she loves her freckles so much she wants more.)

Astrid Lindgren created Pippi 70 years ago and she has entertained generations of children and adults around the world. I sadly never knew about Pippi when I was a girl. It wasn’t until having my own children that I was introduced to her. And I fell in love. We all did. We had a cassette player in our Volvo (nice Swedish connection there) and our eldest was given a Pippi Longstocking tape, narrated by the amazing Sandi Toksvig. We played that tape over and over until it wore out. It was one of those rare things that you’d be genuinely engrossed in listening to – unlike most of the awfulness we had to put up with in that car.

If you have young children, I can’t recommend Pippi Longstocking enough. Buy the books and the CDs and set your kids free.

And while you’re at it, check out Astrid Lindgren herself. She was so much more than the creator of this iconic character.


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