7 of my Favourite Sounds

Good writing emotionally connects with its reader. Using the senses is one of the ways to do this. How things look, sound, taste, smell and feel can trigger a whole range of memories and associations and thereby heighten emotion.

Last night, I was thinking about some of my favourite sounds. Here are seven of them.


1. A dog sigh of content when they are curled up asleep.

2. The peal of church bells on a summer’s evening, drifting up the hill to our house.

3. The kettle boiling. Anytime.

4. A tambourine. Much underrated musical instrument but when it is played it elevates a piece of music to another dimension.

5. Uncontrollable laughter – nothing quite like it to lift the spirits.

6. The pop and fizz of an opened bottle of Champagne. Anytime.

7. Coins chinking in my grandpa’s trouser pocket. I can still hear that sound all these years later.

What are yours?


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