Who is going to be the next James Bond? And does it really matter? Here’s my top ten.

Whoever replaces Daniel Craig as the next James Bond will have a hard act to follow. There’s much talk in the media right now. Will it be Aidan Turner, he of the groomed chest wielding a scythe as Ross Poldark? Will it be the less manly but very twinkly Tom Hiddleston currently making a splash in ‘The Night Manager’ on Sunday evenings? Or James Norton who’s shown us within a few weeks his versatility in ‘War and Peace’, ‘Happy Valley’, and ‘Grantchester’ (not every actor can play a Russian Prince, a psychopathic sex offender and a 1950s vicar). Or will it be Idris Elba, the first black Bond? How about the first ginger Bond, Damien Lewis? The German (and ginger) Michael Fassbender who did a jolly good impersonation of Daniel Craig coming out of a chilly loch in ‘Macbeth’? How about a young, gay Bond? Daniel Radcliffe showed he could carry the Potter brand, why not Bond? How about the first woman Bond? Jaime Bond?

Does it matter who it is? To lots of people, yes. To the wider world, yes too. White European men, speaking the Queen’s English (even with a slight Scottish/Welsh/Irish burr), are not the only ones who are kickass. And if Ian Fleming were writing now, who would he have in mind?

Here’s my alternative, (slightly more) diverse top ten:

10. Ewan McGregor.
He’s classy and a blooming good actor, reminiscent of Sean Connery.

9. David Tennant
Quirky, charismatic, slightly loopy verging on manic as ‘Doctor Who’, though he’s shown the brooding side in ‘Broadchurch’.

8. Sam Heughan
I know he’s far too busy with ‘Outlander’ but he’s good at brave and tough. And there’s the kilt.

7. Michael Sheen
Always more than meets the eye with this one.

6. Emma Watson
She’s kickass, classy and clever.

5. Kate Winslet
A woman of experience and depth, with a cut glass accent.

4. Andrew Lincoln
Ever since playing Egg in ‘This Life’ back in the day, I’ve liked this actor. He’s my wildcard.

3. Thierry Henry
Can you have a French James Bond? Hell, yes, if he speaks like this. Plus he’s super fit (physically, I mean). I have no idea if he can act but he has va-va-voom.

2.Jennifer Lawrence
Funny, clever, tough. Hard to beat.
– she’s badass.

1. Tom Hiddleston
Ok, so I had to have a number one and Mr H. has won me over with his b… eyes. (Yes, I am that shallow.)

Who would you choose?


4 thoughts on “Who is going to be the next James Bond? And does it really matter? Here’s my top ten.

  1. What a smorgasbord of bonds, Sophie. A terrific top ten and tough to pick one. I like the idea of Emma Watson of Jennifer Lawrence as Jamie Bonds, but as I’m hooked on ‘The Night Manager’ right now … my choice is the same as yours. It’s that voice as well as the eyes!

  2. My thing is I thing sometimes once an actor has played certain iconic roles it makes it harder to see them as others, I could not see David Tennant as Bond he is the Doctor and although I can happily watch him in other roles it just doesn’t work for me, now your number one choice right now does work however rumour has it he is lined up to join the Sherlock cast as a third brother that may be a game changer for me, not sure I would want a female Bond, though I would love to see Emma Watson as a Bond villain now that would be a change from her Hermoine role

    • Yes, you’re right about those iconic roles – hard to break free of them. I think that’s why I like Tom Hiddleston as he’s free of all that, and also not too macho. I think he’d be a different kind of Bond. Hope he doesn’t do Sherlock!

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