Mab Makes Some Biking Knickers

mechanical world

Horekelly, Madampe, Ceylon

October 2nd 1900

Dearest Tommie

The N. E. Monsoon will soon be on us now. Last night it was gusty at times and the wind came all ways and it rained a good bit too. Now is the time we have to be careful and not let the wind blow on us at night as it is a feverish wind as it comes right over the land instead of straight from the sea. We are going to start taking quinine and will keep our north windows shut at night. This is where the benefit of sleeping upstairs comes in. It makes a huge amount of difference.

Oh, I was tired after the coach journey on Thursday. It seemed much worse than usual. I did not get over it till Sunday. I don’t think I shall go for a such a short time again, it isn’t worth it, only we could not afford to stay any longer. To our horror the Galle Face Hotel is much more expensive than the G. O. H. although we had always heard it was the same. But at the G.O.H. they always charge you so much per day however short a time you stay, but they don’t at the Galle Face unless you make special arrangements, but charge each item separately which of course makes it come to much more and also they charge half as much again for their drinks. Wasn’t it a sell and we were so pleased with everything. But we have bought our experience and shan’t be caught again.

I am making some knickers for biking, grey print ones. I hadn’t a pattern so cut them out from George’s and they aren’t half bad. We went on a ride Sat and Sun night and I am getting on capitally although I can’t go far as it makes my legs ache. While I think of it, George would like Hockey very much if you can really afford the ready and pay for it, but you are not to send it if you can’t as he wouldn’t mind a bit. He doesn’t know if it is still in existence, you must write and enquire. You must keep a strict account of what you spend for us and tell us when it is a respectable amount but it is not worth while us sending less than £1, if you can wait till it comes to that, but perhaps it has come to that by now. You seem to be always spending money on me. I hope you enjoyed the lengthy list of my wants that I sent you. It was certainly long enough and George would suggest the most ridiculous things, he very much wanted me to put down a ladies rifle. He thought I would like to shoot snipe, poor little things. I shall be very cross if you spend much on a present for me. I put down lots of nice useful small things for you to choose from. I am saving all my bestest table cloths and things in case we go to Colombo, there is always a slight chance of that.

Have I told you the manager, Mr Waldrock, who went home for a holiday just after I came out, has got the sack. They did not think he managed things well and he seems to have rubbed the directors up the wrong way so they have made the man next to him manager (Mr. Norman). He is a bachelor and fairly nice, very like Mr Humphrey, both in appearance and manners. I don’t get on with him extra well but I have never seen much of him. All the men in the office now are bachelors. George is the only married one.

Please thank Carrie very much for her letter and also kiss the chicks for theirs. I was pleased with them and so was George with his. They are without a cook again then, how unfortunate they are!

It is so silly about George’s books. Mrs Gillespy is really most foolish. He told her most distinctly he wanted every one of his books of any description especially the bound Mechanical Worlds and also his manuscript note books. He says they have all got their name inside. He doesn’t want the Engineers that is all. And a few more books won’t make much difference to the amount we shall have to bring home and besides we may be here another two years. He does so wish now he had brought them all out with him but as he thought he would be home again in a year he only took the very necessary ones, but he has often wanted to refer to some he left behind, especially the M. Worlds.

Thank you ever so much for getting the films but I do hope you can spare the money for them. Isn’t the difference in the price ridiculous? I suppose they often get them spoilt so they charge that much extra to make up.

How is your neuralgia, you didn’t say anything about it? I hope the rest at Fairbank has done Mother good. Don’t I wish I could have her to stay with me. It is beastly being so far away.

lots of love and kisses to everybody, from Mab

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