Mab Dispenses More Pharmaceutical Advice.



18 X 00

Dearest Tommie

If you can spare the ‘ready’ will you get me that book about the war and send it out to me. I want to give it to George for a Xmas present as he has just said he would like to have it. It says there will only be a limited number printed so I hope I am not too late. I wish I could send you the money straightaway but we shall be able to send it all soon as George owes his mother some too so it will come to a respectable sum.

I am very busy making Xmas presents. How you will all laugh when you see them but necessity is the mother of invention.

Everything is very quiet here and we are having a good deal of rain. We got the mail last night, very late, but the boat was delayed in the Canal by another one getting stuck so it came in two days later.

I do hope Mother came home better from Fairbank. She certainly does not sound up to much in Kate’s letter. Why don’t you try Blaud’s pills if you are anaemic. I do believe in them, don’t you? I should think your system wants iron and they would be just the thing.

I’m scribbling this off as I’m afraid George is going to send the post boy off and I want to get this down in time. I expect he will wonder why I am writing to you intermediate mail but I shan’t tell him. He is very inquisitive. I hope you won’t think I am always writing for things.

lots of love and kisses from Sammie*

*I don’t know why Mab signs off this letter as ‘Sammie’, but her sister Amy is always addressed as ‘Tommie’.

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