Mab’s back and off on her holidays.

Horekelly, Madampe, (N.W.S.), Ceylon


Dearest Tom*

I posted a letter to you on Friday to catch an intermediate French mail, but I believe it must have caught the proper one as it went out two days late. If so, you will have got two letters together. I haven’t got much to tell you this week, things have been going on very quietly, and we have had no more fights. George has written to try to get ‘Elephant Nook’ for the first fortnight in November. We are looking forward to going away and it will be so jolly to have the same dear little house again. George has to go to the court again on Friday to hear the decision, as I think I have already told you, and then we shall get away as soon as we possibly can. Mr Norman wants George to stay in Colombo a day or two just as there are one or two things he wants to see him about, otherwise we had planned to go up to Colombo in the boat, and then on by the night mail. We want to take our bikes if we can, get them to Colombo in time, but they have to go as far as there by boat and of course I expect there won’t be one going when we want it. The water is very high just now. Sometimes when it gets to a certain height, the boats can’t get under some of the bridges. If that happens, we shall be done.

Fancy you having a dance so early. I do hope it went off all right and that you all had a good time , especially Dor. How I wish I had been there to see her, really grown up. I expect she looked awfully nice.

I should like the pattern of the little nightgown very much, especially as it is easy, but not any stuff. I wore my muslin frock when I went to call on Mrs de Livera. I rather begrudged it in the bullock cart though as I did not know who had been in it before, but I had a cushion to sit on and a rug on the floor. I have been getting out my flannelette blouses as I shall want them for Newera Eliya, also my coat skirt. Oh, here is a tiny moth hole in my skirt. I am mad and I am constantly taking it out and shaking it but moths are dreadful here, those very tiny ones. The hole is fortunately not in a conspicuous place. I think wearing the frock will be good for it. I wish I could do it more often.

lots of love and kisses to everybody

from Sammie**

*Mab’s name for her sister, Amy.

**Mab’s name for herself

4 thoughts on “Mab’s back and off on her holidays.

  1. I love hearing of Mab’s life overseas. Someone needed to have sent her mothballs though! Xx

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