One Good Thing

smiling's my favourite

OK, so it’s December. Christmas is coming. But as much as there is to love about this time of year (mince pies, tinsel, Elf), it can be tinged with a sadness as we think of those who won’t be here with us.

How do we carry on and celebrate without feeling guilty? How can we still come together as a family? How can we get through to the other side?

Maybe do something good, in memory of someone you love.

Any ideas?

Let’s have them. Be creative. Be wild. Be quirky.

I’ll be asking my kids to choose their favourite idea. The winner – if ‘winner’ is the appropriate word here – will get a copy of This Holey Life. (Yes, ‘Holey’ with an ‘e’ as life is full of holes. It is how we plug those holes that keeps the rain out.)

And we’ll take it from there…