Well done, Tom

Over a year ago I blogged about Tom Daley on the day of his father’s funeral. I am so relieved and chuffed for Tom that he held his nerve, standing up there on the 10 metre platform, the country waiting with hearts beating fast, his family and friends and team watching on… and yes, he did it. In an incredibly high calibre contest, he got a medal at his home Olympics! And his elated reaction was worth the worry…

Tom’s lovely dad, known for showing his emotions, would be so proud.

Well done, Tom, from all of us here in Devon. You did it.




As a family, we’ve followed our Devon lad, Tom Daley, for several years as he’s progressed with  his diving. What has been particularly touching to watch is his dad, Rob, who has never been afraid to show his emotions, especially his love for his wife and boys.

I also lost a dad, too soon, and so I feel for Tom and his brothers today as they mourn at their father’s funeral. But they have his legacy of support and encouragement on camera and film and I hope this inspires them as the London Olympics approach. I do hope some Devonians will make it there to see Tom dive for gold. We applied for loads of tickets and were facing a massive overdraft. But we needn’t have worried. We got nothing.

We’ll be with you in spirit though, Tom. As will your dad.