Happy Hookers


Well, if you are disappointed to find out that this blog is about crochet, don’t be. There’s something going on in the world of wool and it isn’t boring or unsexy. It is actually very exciting and more than a teeny weeny bit inspiring.

I’ve blogged before about guerrilla gardening, flash mobs and the like. But yarn bombing is where it’s at. And it’s appearing everywhere.

In Cornwall there is a group called Graffiti Grannys who describe themselves as ‘a group of middle aged granny urban woolerists, you won’t see us or hear us, but you will know we have been there!!!!!’ They tart up the area with their creations which they they display in unlikely places under cover. ‘We crochet and knit and creep about in the dead of night to make Cornwall and other areas a brighter place!!’

Yarn bombing is now a world-wide phenomenon. The end results vary considerably but there seems to be a common goal of making a local place brighter and to bring a smile to those who live and visit there. And, maybe on a deeper level, it is about feminising what could otherwise be seen as a very masculine environment.

Here are some of my favourites:

Charging Bull given a make-over in NYC

Check out this link for an interesting article that explores the ethos and work of a yarn bomber.

I hope you weren’t too disappointed. (I stole the title from a fabulous book called The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller.)


Graffiti Grannys



I love the Graffiti Grannys from Cornwall! They work undercover.  They are as anonymous as Banksy. And they knit.

Keep an eye out for knitted awesomeness – the grannies have left their mark as far away as NYC… Could be coming to a place near you soon…