First Ladies

I love Michelle Obama. She is strong and tough and yet so warm and caring, a mother and wife, a hot-shot lawyer, a first lady in so many ways. Watching her on the news last night was inspirational, her belief in a group of North London school girls who she has kept in touch with over the last two years, bringing them to Oxford to show them that the glittering spires are within their reach if they believe in themsleves, each other, and work hard.

Meanwhile back in the USA, Oprah had her farewell show after 25 years of being on air. Watch this space.


Mad Hatter

Still not sure what I think of this lady. I was surprised to find that my husband has some Lady Gaga on his iPod, as does son number one. So it’s not just a girl thing. She has clearly captivated the world – today heading Forbes celebrity magazine power list, usurping Oprah.

What is it about hats this season?