20th Century Boys

I was watching a fab BBC 2 programme on Saturday night about 1972. It was right down by street as I have such a fondness for that often maligned but underestimated decade. The bit I really enjoyed was the look at glam rock. It’s hard to believe that in a time when male/female roles were still clearly defined, despite the second wave of Feminism, that men were dressing up and wearing make-up (and I’m NOT referring to the Black and White Minstrels). Marc Bolan and T-Rex along with David Bowie are the two acts which stand out from that time, but there was a whole load of other bands and singers plastering on the eye-liner and wobbling in platform shoes.

Bands like The Sweet, Wizard and Slade became part of this music movement. But its influence went further. Queen had their own heavier rock take on it and even Elton John got on the band wagon.

Now I’m not Elton’s number one fan (there are plenty of others who would put their hands on their hearts and say they were). However, he is a showman extraordinaire and I do have a soft spot for one or two of his songs from this era. And of course his appearances on the Morecambe and Wise show. I guess his private life and the way it is portrayed in our hungry media detracts from his talents and reputation, at least in this country, so here is one of Elton’s hits from 1972. Rocket Man.

And finally, I have a photo of Slade signed by all its member, got for me by my Uncle Dick around the release of Merry Xmas Everybody (the first time round). He met them in a hotel in the Midlands somewhere and thought of me for some reason, even though I was only about five years old. Uncle Dick has now sadly passed away but I still have that photo. It’s in the garage.

Any offers?

They’d have to be good to let me part with it, mind…