Back to the Present

mac and borg

I haven’t blogged for three weeks. I don’t know where the time has gone. In fact, where does Time go? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could dig it up and pick out the best bits and revisit them. Would we treasure them more? Would we try and hold onto them? What would you change?

Ok, so this is why I haven’t blogged. I have recently finished the first draft of my current novel which revisits the youth of the four main characters and the repercussions of one night back in the day. I have been stuck in time with these characters and now I have come back into the world and it’s become a very scary place. Day by day I am reconditioning myself to live as Sophie Duffy and not as Bex, Tommo, Cameron or Christie. I need time away from the novel not only to be able to come back to the edits with a fresh eye but also to remind myself of who I am.

But good timing. Wimbledon begins today.


Henman’s sliced backhand

I have watched Wimbledon every year ever since I was about seven years old. The mid-seventies was an exciting time to watch tennis, with hard-hitting characters like Jimmy Connors and Ilie Nastase. But it was Bjorn Borg who caught me. And when John McEnroe showed up, the greatest on-court rivalry was born.

So I thought I would post some pictures of some of my Wimbledon heroes. Some obvious ones are not there because they left me cold for whatever reason. But these men and women will stay in my memory, whether for a victory, or a match, or a human response to the game they loved.

Wimbledon fortnight contains the highs and lows of human drama. Moments of victory and defeat. Moments I will cherish forever.
Bring it on!

Wombles of Wimbledon

I have to confess to turning on This Morning this morning. But it was worth it because there were the Wombles, beside the Thames, singing the classic Remember You’re a Womble. This iconic band, reformed and freshly back from performing at Glastonbury. Yes, Glastonbury. Now if anything could have lured me away from watching the tennis going on at their hometown to head to the mud of that festival, it would be the Wombles. But alas, I’m behind with the news and only just found out. I heard about Beyonce, U2, Coldplay and Morrissey but why did nobody bother to tell me about Orinoco, Tobermory, Great Uncle Bulgaria et al? And I bet they kept the rubbish down.

Good Game, Good Game









I was delighted to see Sir Bruce at Wimbledon yesterday with his wife, Wilnelia. As he entered the Royal box, the Centre Court crowd gave him a standing ovation and he applauded them back. Later, at the start of the evening highlights programme, he said if Andy Murray wins the tournament he’ll be knighted … and then he gave that aside look and added ‘eventually’. He’s still got that perfect timing. Let’s hope Andy does too.

And go Laura Robson!