First Day Covers

david-tennant cult-doctor-who-stamps-10

As a child, my mum used to get First Day Covers for my brothers and me. Although I’m not a stamp collector, I do tend to collect things – well, I don’t throw things away unless they are physically prised from my hands. So I still have my stamps, tucked away in a drawer amongst the old Smash Hits and gonks.

I’m not a huge Doctor Who fan either, though I have a fondness for it as an institution. I’ve never quite got over Tom Baker regenerating into Peter Davidson (no offence, Peter). But I am quite excited about the latest anniversary collection of stamps: 50 years of Doctor Who. Eleven stamps, one for each actor who has played the Time Lord (bagsy David Tennant and, of course, Tom).

This did get me thinking about some of the iconic stamps of my childhood. And what little works of art they are.

Who remembers these:

il_fullxfull.316897726 10748607-great-britain--circa-1974-a-stamp-printed-in-united-kingdom-shows-sir-winston-spencer-churchill-brit images-4 images-6images-5images-7images-10images-9


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